I love a challenge

I wish I could write the heading so it sounded like Inspector Clouseau would say it.  In any event, A.F. Heart at Mysteries and My Musings, http://mysterysuspence.blogspot.com/ has issued a challenge to DorothyLer’s to read 5 historical mysteries in three months.  That is heaven, not a challenge.  Although, lately, I haven’t been able to lay my hands on anything.  I will now!

I read like crazy over the spring break.  Between going back and forth to Kellogg Bird Sanctuary and trying to catch and reading anything mysterious, I actually had a relaxing break.  I’m back to it now though.  The end of semester is not that far off though.   I just have to get through the time of change that is coming.  I usually do change well but this year, this year it is just too much.  The president leaving, a new dean coming on board (even though I know and love and respect her dearly), office mates being shifted hither and yon; it’s just all a bit much for me right now.  No wonder I’m escaping into books.  They’re providing the only places of sanity around.

Well I look forward to the challenge.  I think I’ll start with the last (newest) Sister Fidelma then onto the newest Rhys Bowen and see where we go from there.  I have to blog for Jehanne too.  She is stuck in the Elf Lord’s kitchen and must be quite bored by now.


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