First in the challenge: The Spies of Sobeck

My first read completed for the historical mystery challenge was Paul Doherty’s The Spies of Sobeck.  Chief Judge Amerotke has to use his forensic skills to ascertain between real Nubian terrorists trying to challenge Pharaoh Hatusu’s reign and copycats seeking to hide other crimes.  I’m not crazy about Doherty’s writing style but I do enjoy his history and the fact that he portrays Hatshepsut as a politically savvy woman who had to work hard to overcome gender bias against her rule.  I think my biggest complaint is that Amerotke, Shufoy and the other continuing characters don’t really seem to have developed over time.  Doherty always tells a good story but the characters are rather static.  I enjoyed the book though.


One response to “First in the challenge: The Spies of Sobeck

  • Ariel

    Very interesting. I have read one of Lynda S. Robinson’s Lord Meren books. I will have to give this one try since I am interested in Hatshepsut. But perhaps another Robinson is in my future too!

    A.F. Heart

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