I forgot Molly

I forgot, when writing of books I read to meet the history mystery challenge, that I had also read Rhys Bowen’s latest Molly Murphy story, The Last Illusion.  Molly’s relationship with Daniel is heading closer towards marriage (I hope it doesn’t get there) and he is, as usual urging her to leave her dangerous job as a private investigator and take up more “womanly” tasks until the time comes when he and she live in wedded bliss.  (Like that can ever happen.)  Molly gets involved with Harry Houdini and his wife and the world of illusion and spies and her work begins to put strains on her personal relationships, (especially those I, emphasis on the I, please note, think are important) with Sid and Gus and the obnoxious Daniel.  This one started off a little slow but Bowen soon got into her usual flow as Molly began to wile her way into answers to questions no one else thought worth asking.  As usual, fun and worth reading but I am worried about how Bowen is going to handle Daniel’s conservative attitudes and Molly’s need to snoop should she actual consummate the relationship in legal matrimony.   Hah!  What am I worried about, it’s fiction, and it opens all sorts of new avenues for story line.

As an aside, I enjoy Bowen’s historical mysteries a lot.  Her, Her Royal Spyness  series is very funny and of course Molly Murphy is terrific but I wish she would continue with the Evan Evans series as well.  We’ve seen nothing new there since 2006 and I did enjoy those characters.

Ah well, Happy Easter to you who celebrate, happy spring to all non-curmudeons, we shared a delightful brunch today with friends at their farm and I was amazed at the number of people to who they are related.  Wow.  I wonder if I’m related to that many living bodies at this time on this planet.  It was a true midwestern brunch, complete with a jello dish and cheesy potatoes.  I have come to really, really like cheesy potatoes.  There was a wide range of easter eggs for kids from barely walking to well, barely walking.  Us olders got gift certificates for Louie’s doughnuts in our eggs and let me tell you, those of you who do not live near Marshall, Michigan.  Gift certificates for a doughnut or some other doughy delight from Louies are not to be sneered at.  They are to be cherished and to be used!

Off to the jardin, to cut down the dead Butterfly bush and the dead “tall strange weird plant that nobody knows what it is but it grows back each year and looks cool”.   Then, on to Live Journal to read student reflections.  I had them read some real live feminist hard core theory this week and I think it totally torked off a couple of the the men so it will be interesting reading.  Ahhhhh, Spring.


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