Dead Reckoning keeps Sookie on the right path

Years ago I read something that mentioned a series about a blonde, telepathic waitress who was involved with vampires. The idea intrigued me and I found a copy of Charlaine Harris’ “Dead Until Dark”. I laughed myself silly as I read and I proceeded to get a copy of everything Harris had published as of that time. I focused on the Sookie Stackhouse series first and read “Dead Until Dark”, “Living Dead in Dallas” and “Club Dead”. Then I had to wait for the Sookie saga to continue. In the meantime I found Lily Bard and Aurora Teagarden. I fell in love with Lily Bard and would love to talk movies with Aurora but I waited patiently in the between times for the next Sookie Stackhouse book. The Harper Connelly stories have been so welcome; a terrific story line and I love watching Harper’s character develop but still…
My copy of “Dead Reckoning” came in the mail yesterday. I had papers to grade and a lecture to prepare so I could only get so far into the book then, but tonight, I started reading and miraculously, about three hours later, I had discovered more family secrets, connived at an assassination, witnessed the end of one of Sookie’s bète noire and attended a baby shower.
I wondered, when Sookie’s world began to encompass more than vampires and the two natured, whether Ms Harris would be able to maintain the quality of her story line. One of my favorite aspects about Sookie’s story is the sense of fun, the humor that Harris brings into the improbability that is Merlottes and Bon Temps. She has. “Dead Reckoning” incorporates all the interesting characters that inhabit Vampiric Louisiana. Sookie’s blood relations get expanded, she learns more about her fae ancestry and Harris intimates the possibility of more interesting events in the future. Elves are on the scene, at least one of them is, and he is definitely not Legolas. By the end of the book, relationships are shifted and shifting and Dermot is remodeling the attic. One of my favorite characters, Mr. Cataliades is on the run, literally (as a recovering lawyer, I have a fondness for him.) Harris finishes with one of her best cliff-hanging endings ever and, “Fiddle dee dee, I’ll think about that tomorrow” has now been replaced in my canon with “Dangerous Creatures for two hundred, anyone?”
Now, I wait, again… but no, summer’s coming. I could start at the beginning and read the series all the way through once more!


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