Chicken Chronicles- Day 14

The chicklets are two weeks old now. They are putting on weight and starting to look plump. I’ll post a photo tomorrow. I’m able to raise the heat lamp for them as their metabolism is ramping up. I bought 50 pounds of feed yesterday from Marshall Grain. It is a lot less expensive than getting it from the Tractor Supply Co. and the folks at the Grain elevator are very nice. (Not that the folks at TSC aren’t but they really don’t seem to be very engaged in what they do. Stands to reason, they’re employed by a big corporation with all that entails.) In any event, work on Versailles de Poulet is progressing. I’ve drawn up plans and now have to figue out the fewest cuts in the lumber I need in order to fit the wood in Ethan’s Blazer. It is 1$ a cut so I’m trying for the minimum. I’ve got a table saw to cut the rest. I really do need a pickup truck. Sigh.


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